Marketing & Social Media Group Training in Dunedin & Queenstown

We provide informative marketing, website and social media seminars that will arm you with the tools so you can get your business on track. Our aim is to help people become more effective users of social media and marketing strategies in general.

Instagram for Business

Your organisation has the potential to reach, engage and build a massive community on Instagram. Learn how to grow followers that will impact your business.

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Bespoke Social Media In-house Training

Get Social provides tailored in-house training that empowers you and your team to use social media effectively.

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Facebook Training for Businesses

What really works on Facebook? What is a waste of money? Learn the latest changes. Get your business into the best position to stay ahead with this course.

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Get Found Online

Our digital marketing masterclass is designed for Business Owners, Managers & Marketing staff to better understand how to grow their online presence.

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Social Media for Business Leaders

Let an expert guide you through everything you need to know about social media and how it is, and could be, impacting your organisation.

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Facebook Advertising

Learn the anatomy of a successful Facebook ad and the best practices for various ad types including Boosting, Offers, Slideshows and Canvas ads.

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Social Customer Service Training

Our training on Social Customer Service is ideal for anyone looking to improve their online customer experience. This will enable you to work through the operational challenges and customer engagement.

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Facebook for Tourism Businesses

Facebook is becoming instrumental as a marketing tool for tourism activities. Learn how to take your Facebook Page to the next level.

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One-on-One Facebook Training

Our aim is to help business owners, managers and key members of staff become more effective users of Facebook to reach a wider audience at relatively low cost.

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