Bespoke Social Media In-house Training

Bespoke Social Media In-house Training

Do you need to up-skill your team in social media?

Get Social provides tailored in-house training that empowers you and your team to use social media effectively. We teach the latest techniques and strategies to make social media work for you. Our training covers the essential ‘theory’ with an emphasis on hands-on and practical activities for both individuals and groups. We use real life examples and notes that can be referenced after the training.

All organisations are different and so are their training requirements. We’ve developed a range of in-house digital and social media training courses to help your staff, whether the marketing team, call centre team or senior management, all will benefit from improving knowledge and gaining practical skills.

Sessions are tailored to your industry, your level of knowledge and your specific business objectives.

Social media training workshops can run from a few hours to all day, and can be held at your offices or at a venue that suits you.
Our in-house sessions are completely tailored to your own training needs. So whether your team requires basic ‘how to’ skills in using Facebook or Twitter, or perhaps the development of a social media strategy, then we can develop and deliver the right training session.

We want to help you become self-sufficient with social media. If you train with us, we’ll give you the confidence, knowledge and practical skills you need to grow. Investing in social media training now will ensure your business does not get left behind.

Find out about our Social Media Customer Service Training or our One on one Facebook Workshop.

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