What you can do to get the most attention on Facebook posts

April 23, 2018 / Philippa Crick what you can do to get the most-attention on Facebook posts

Facebook’s Newsfeed has been declining in organic reach for number of years now but in January this year Mark Zuckerberg officially announced that “users will see less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses.” This is a major update to Facebook’s algorithm and all organisations using Facebook as a marketing tool need to rethink their posting strategy. Here are some tactics to help mitigate this update.

  • At the end of a post request an action such as liking, sharing, or commenting below with something.(use this tactic sparingly)
  • Respond to every single comment, preferable with ANOTHER question for the commenter to make them comment again.
  • When you respond to comment, tag the person in it for extra notification on their homepage.
  • Click “like” on every comment, even your own.
  • Try to include a catchy image on the post. Simple images work best.

Essentially you want to make it appear there’s a ton of “activity” happening on your post, and Facebook will reward this with preferential placement in people’s Notification Centre and Newsfeed.