Add Special Icons to Your Social Posts

October 23, 2017 / Philippa Crick Special Character Icons

Want to add an extra touch to your social posts/tweets or bios? You can adorn these with special characters. The main reasons for doing so is that they stand out amid text on crowded social channels and secondly, they can say a lot without eating up your character limits.

Here are ways to use them in social posts:

  • In a call to action, you can suggest your audience(call) or(email).
  • Use a ✔ (checkmark) or ★ (star) to add visual prominence.
  • Drive attention to a link with an arrow like this one:

Special characters can also be useful in other places. No need to include in title tags as they won’t show up in Google search results but you can add them to social media profile bios, like Cre8ive’s Instagram account:

Where can you find them? A fast way to find and add special characters is to use CopyPasteCharacter. This site has hundreds of characters to choose from.